I began hiring out as a shopping centre Xmas deity ten years ago, when my fortunes were less than idyllic, & the usual waste-land of music gigs that is January would leave me poor and struggling. The money was a welcome addition to the time of year and would see me through until I could resume gigging again. And I would say to all my artist friends, “Yeah, it’s a good job for a muso. You sit there like a whitewashed Barry White while all this unlimited lerv comes at ya.”

Inevitably, this town has grown too small for such talent, and the MBAS have hand picked the boys to play at a Blues showcase in Memphis USA early 2017. To get themselves (and their parents) there however, will require a lot of spondoolas, and the music community in Melbourne has taken it upon itself to support them the best way they know how. Benefit gigs!

I knew entertainment, up until this point in my life, I had been entertained every day & night.

So there you have it, my name is Phil and I'm an Eidetic...it's been 40 seconds since my last OCD fuelled realisation.

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